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Do you know Tiger Mask?
"Tiger Mask" is a Japanese Pro-Wrestling Anime Series,
but it's not only fighting action, but also human drama!

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Tiger Mask: The Animated Series was made based upon manga by Ikki Kajiwara (story) and Naoki Tsuji (art), it is the pro-wrestling cartoon broadcasted from 1969 to 1971 in Japan. Tiger Mask was from Tiger's Cave that was secret organization, and once he'd been the villain wrestler called the "yellow devil." But, because he betrayed Tiger's Cave, Tiger kept fighting against the rough assassin who had life aimed at by Tiger's Cave and who attacked it one after another. Then, a variety of the hot fight with the wrestler left in the impression is unfolded with being an enemy. However, this work is not within frame of the mere pro-wrestling animate cartoon. Tiger Mask, that is, Naoto Date betrays organization, and keeps fighting because it was sworn to offer him for the people who weren't favored, the orphan because he himself was an orphan. Tiger Mask: The Animated Series is such an excellent human drama. Communication with the orphan asylum, the tragedy of Hiroshima's atomic bomb, the pollution problem of Yokkaichi, the figure of the people's sincerity are drawn realistically in this series. Furthermore, small happiness as one human being when Naoto gets along with home of the heart, orphan asylum Chibikko House. Faint love with Ruriko, manager of Chibikko House. The bond of the heart that it was united firmly with his best comrade, Daigo Daimon. Naoto keeps having relations with the real life done like this while he fights against the mysterious enemies who do actual distance in the ring. The exquisite balance is the fascination which is never lost for Tiger Mask: The Animated Series. We introduce the fascination of such Tiger Mask: The Animated Series completely in this site.

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